Saturday, 19 October 2013



We all have certain things we long for...and can't have them at this exact moment, either because they're beyond your wallet or just cannot be found on this continent. 

Well this specific tan streamlined 100% buffalo leather Zara baby was one of those items for me. I first lay eyes on it on the Zara website (if you've been around these parts a bit you will have gathered I'll drool over most things Zara). I was over the moon when they opened up a Zara in Sandton City, Joburg so that meant my baby was drawing closer. I finally physically lay eyes on one in Sandton but it was not in the right size.  When Zara V&A, Cape Town opened, a friend of mine, (yes certain friends were also instructed to hunt down my baby) found one there but it had a huge scratch on it.

Months passed and I had to suffice with having my baby as a wallpaper...on both work and home pc. I also had to come to terms with the reality that the bag was last season, probably sold out and would never grace my side carrying daily essentials.

But where there is a will there is a way. There I was strolling through Zara V&A recently, collecting what my wardrobe has now come to revolve wear, but of course chick work wear that just seems to be lacking or allude me in Windhoek. Alas...there she was...waiting to be reunited with her true owner. I dropped everything was then or never. I finally got to bring my baby home. Here are the first exclusives;)


Friday, 11 October 2013

The Cape...forever close to my heart

Elo girls and boys,

Been a minute ha. 
Hope you are all living it up and making things happen for yourselves...especially my Namibian folk. On my recent flight to and from Cape Town...there were a number of business people on the flight. Made me wonder why we Namibian aren't doing what Peter from a little firm in Joburg comes to do on a one day business trip to Windhoek. But anyhow...enough about that, point is we need to pull our weight more around here.

With that in are a few snaps from my trip.

Tjing Tjing


My favs

Woodstock Exchange

Yours Truly


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It's a Birthday thang

Hey hey every body,

The 10th of May saw me celebrating my birthday with a few close friends and first birthday back in Windhoek for the past seven years!!! To my friends that came all made my day and I hope we continue this journey together even when I have fifteen and a half facial wrinkles. To my family, thanks for being your awesome selves and to the staff at O'Portuga...especially Chef Felix...Obrigado! 

More than anything this day was a reflection for me of my journey thus far, the people who have stuck beside me and I can still call friends 14 years down the line and thanking His Majesty for all the abundance.


Top - Forever New
Pants and earrings - Mr Price
Leather jacket - The Lot
Heels - ALDO
Clutch - Woolworths
Neck piece - Sass Diva
Bracelets - Foschini